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Powered by ModPerl and Apache
Powered by Perl
Many thanks to those who helped me make this module a reality. With Apache + ASP + Perl, web development could not be better!
Special thanks go to my father Kevin & wife Lina for their love and support through it all, and without whom none of it would have been possible.
Other honorable mentions include:
 !! Gregory Youngblood, Thanos Chatziathanassiou, & Tsirkin Evgeny for keeping the flame alive!

 :) Doug MacEachern, for moral support and of course mod_perl
 :) Helmut Zeilinger, Skylos, John Drago, and Warren Young for their help in the community
 :) Randy Kobes, for the win32 binaries, and for always being the epitome of helpfulness
 :) Francesco Pasqualini, for bug fixes with stand alone CGI mode on Win32
 :) Szymon Juraszczyk, for better ContentType handling for settings like Clean.
 :) Oleg Kobyakovskiy, for identifying the double Session_OnEnd cleanup bug.
 :) Peter Galbavy, for reporting numerous bugs and maintaining the OpenBSD port.
 :) Richard Curtis, for reporting and working through interesting module 
    loading issues under mod_perl2 & apache2, and pushing on the file upload API.
 :) Rune Henssel, for catching a major bug shortly after 2.47 release,
    and going to great lengths to get me reproducing the bug quickly.
 :) Broc, for keeping things filter aware, which broke in 2.45,
    & much help on the list.
 :) Manabu Higashida, for fixes to work under perl 5.8.0
 :) Slaven Rezic, for suggestions on smoother CPAN installation
 :) Mitsunobu Ozato, for working on a japanese translation of the site & docs.
 :) Eamon Daly for persistence in resolving a MailErrors bug.
 :) Gert, for help on the mailing list, and pushing the limits of use on Win32 
    in addition to XSLT.
 :) Maurice Aubrey, for one of the early fixes to the long file name problem.
 :) Tom Lancaster, for pushing the $Server->Mail API and general API discussion.
 :) Ross Thomas, for pushing into areas so far unexplored.
 :) Harald Kreuzer, for bug discovery & subsequent testing in the 2.25 era.
 :) Michael Buschauer for his extreme work with XSLT.
 :) Dariusz Pietrzak for a nice parser optimization.
 :) Ime Smits, for his inode patch facilitating cross site code reuse, and
    some nice performance enhancements adding another 1-2% speed.
 :) Michael Davis, for easier CPAN installation.
 :) Brian Wheeler, for keeping up with the Apache::Filter times,
    and pulling off filtering ASP->AxKit.
 :) Ged Haywood, for his great help on the list & professionally.
 :) Vee McMillen, for OSS patience & understanding.
 :) Craig Samuel, at LRN, for his faith in open source for his LCEC.
 :) Geert Josten, for his wonderful work on XML::XSLT
 :) Gerald Richter, for his Embperl, collaboration and competition!
 :) Stas Bekman, for his beloved guide, and keeping us all worldly.
 :) Matt Sergeant, again, for ever the excellent XML critique.
 :) Remi Fasol + Serge Sozonoff who inspired cookieless sessions.
 :) Matt Arnold, for the excellent graphics !
 :) Adi, who thought to have full admin control over sessions
 :) Dmitry Beransky, for sharable web application includes, ASP on the big.
 :) Russell Weiss again, for finding the internal session garbage collection 
    behaving badly with DB_File sensitive i/o flushing requirements.
 :) Tony Merc Mobily, inspiring tweaks to compile scripts 10 times faster
 :) Paul Linder, who is Mr. Clean... not just the code, its faster too !
    Boy was that just the beginning.  Work with him later facilitated better
    session management and XMLSubsMatch custom tag technology.
 :) Russell Weiss, for being every so "strict" about his code.
 :) Bill McKinnon, who understands the finer points of running a web site.
 :) Richard Rossi, for his need for speed & boldly testing dynamic includes.
 :) Greg Stark, for endless enthusiasm, pushing the module to its limits.
 :) Marc Spencer, who brainstormed dynamic includes.
 :) Doug Silver, for finding most of the bugs.
 :) Darren Gibbons, the biggest cookie-monster I have ever known.
 :) Ken Williams, for great teamwork bringing full SSI to the table
 :) Matt Sergeant, for his great tutorial on PerlScript and love of ASP
 :) Jeff Groves, who put a STOP to user stop button woes
 :) Alan Sparks, for knowing when size is more important than speed
 :) Lincoln Stein, for his blessed CGI.pm module
 :) Michael Rothwell, for his love of Session hacking
 :) Francesco Pasqualini, for bringing ASP to CGI
 :) Bryan Murphy, for being a PerlScript wiz
 :) Lupe Christoph, for his immaculate and stubborn testing skills
 :) Ryan Whelan, for boldly testing on Unix in the early infancy of ASP