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Demo ASP: xml_subs.asp 2024-07-17

This is a demonstration of the XMLSubsMatch extension which allows for the developer to construct a set of custom XML style tags for use in ASP scripts. These tags could be used to render entire XML documents, or even simply give some nice short cuts for use when site building.

Currently, XMLSubsMatch is set to: [ my:\w+ ]

Whatever tags XMLSubsMatch matches of the form

 <matchtag param1="value1" param2="value2">
  -- or --
 <matchtag param1="value1" param2="value2"/>
will be parsed into perl subroutines of matchtag name with arguments and text passed in, so these subs would be called respectively for the above XMLMatchSubs:
&matchtag( { param1 => "value1", param2=>"value2" }, 'text' );
  -- and --
&matchtag( { param1 => "value1", param2=>"value2" }, '');
Note that XMLSubs tags of the form foo:bar will be changed into a call to &foo::bar(), so that the XML concept of tag prefix namespaces is translated to the concept of perl packages.

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XML Subs Demo

Another table here to demo embedded XMLSubs tags:
Double Table to Show Embedded Tags

And another embedded:
Another table.
Triply embedded XMLSubs my:table table.

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The my::* perl subs defining the XMLSubs are located in the global.asa.

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