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Demo ASP: source.asp 2024-05-24

Source of file xslt.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <title>Hello World!</title>
  <paragraph>This is my first XSLT enabled Apache::ASP XML script! </paragraph>
	I am quite pleased with how well this works, and speedy
	too once the XML -> XSL tranformation gets cached with XSLTCache setting.
	Both the <file src="<%=&basename($0)%>" title="XML file" /> 
	and <file src="template.xsl" title="XSL template" />
	file will be executed as ASP scripts
	before the XSL will be applied to the XML.  This give you 
	a very powerful dynamic XML publishing solution with full
	ASP scripted XSL &amp; XML files.
	<p />
	With this foundation in place, we will be able to implement XSP
	with all its <%=$Server->HTMLEncode('<xsp:logic>')%> tags no problem.
 <file src="<%=&basename($0)%>" title="view this file's source" /> -
 <file src="template.xsl" title="view the xslt template" />


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