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Demo ASP: source.asp 2024-05-24

Source of file server_variables.htm:

<!--#include file=header.inc-->
<table border=1>
<tr><th colspan=2>Server Variables / CGI Environment</th></tr>

	Please note that under normal ASP, Collections, as objects
	like ServerVariables are referred to, do not have iterators
	through their members.  Being able to do this is not 
	something that PerlScript nor VBScript support, so 
	use the iterators at your own risk!

<% for(sort keys %{$Request->ServerVariables()}) { 
	# don't want to show too much about my demo server
	# comment this line out if you want to see all of %ENV
	next unless ($_ =~ /^(HTTP_)/);

		<td><tt><%=$_%></tt> </td>
		<td><tt><%=$Request->ServerVariables($_)%> </tt></td>
<% } %>
<!--#include file=footer.inc-->

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