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Demo ASP: source.asp 2024-04-23

Source of file application.asp:

<!--#include file=header.inc-->
	# Locking
	# --------
	# reads and writes to $Application as well as $Session are
	# always locked to ensure concurrency, but if you want to 
	# make sure that you have the only access during
	# some block of commands, then use the Lock() and UnLock()
	# functions


We just incremented the $Application->{Count} variable by 1.
Here is the value of the $Application->{Count} variable... <br>
<b><%= sprintf("%06d", $Application->{Count}) %></b>
We reset this value to 20 every Application_OnStart.  Check
out the global.asa!

<!--#include file=footer.inc-->

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